September 8th - October 31st


Monday - Saturday 8:00 - 5:00


  1. Stay on the dirt path.
  2. Do not create your own path through the corn.
  3. The correct exit has a Congratulations sign.
  4. Cheating is frowned upon.
  5. Buy your hayride and maze tickets together for a discount combo rate.

2018 Theme: Find the Lost Puppy

Pictures coming soon


2017 Theme: Art

There were three areas in the maze to create art. The first stop was the coloring station. There were pieces of a large picture to color. When all of the pieces were colored, they were assembled to reveal the big picture.

The coloring station
The Coloring Station



Under the Sea
Under the Sea

Modern Art
Modern Art


The second area was the bracelet station. There were many different colors of yarn to make a bracelet for yourself, your bff, or your favorite girlfriend.

The Bracelet Station


The third and final station had paper plates, markers, stickers, and pieces of constrution paper. These are some of the masterpieces left behind.

The plate station
The Paper Plate Station

Already on Day #4!

More Plates
Perfect Portrait of Myself

Even More Plates
I Love Tacos Too!