In the fall, we sell many varieties of gourds. Gourds are not edible and are only used for decoration.


When a gourd starts to get black spots or mold on it, don't throw it away. It is just drying out. Let it dry. Clean it up and decorate it!

Drying/Cleaning Method #1

  1. Before the gourd naturally dries, scrape off the green outer skin with a knife.
  2. The gourd may seem dry, but store it in a dry place for a month.
  3. Advantage - Quicker results, but more labor intensive

Drying/Cleaning Method#2

  1. In a dry place, set the gourd on a screen or hang it by a string. Make sure air flow is good. Do not set it on a table. Depending on the gourd, it may have to dry for 6 months to a year.
  2. Once the gourd is dry, soak it in a bucket of water overnight.
  3. With a wire brush, knife, or brillo pad, scrape off the dirt, mold, and skin.
  4. Soak the gourd again if skin is difficult to rub off. Don't leave gourd unattended for too many days, or the water will smell.
  5. When the gourd is completely clean, leave it in the sun to dry.
  6. Advantage - Is a long process, but not very labor intensive

Once the gourds are clean and dry, they can be painted, dyed, and carved.

For Sale

Woodburned daisy gourd
A woodburned daisy - $30


Lite Brite gourd
Lite Brite - made from round push pins - $30