Our jelly room, inside the market, is open all season.

Featured Flavor:

Apple Cider Vinaigrette


Pieces of fruit are in preserves, also called jam. It has a thick chunky texture.


Jellies are made from the juice of the fruit. They do not have pieces of fruit in it.

Spreadable Fruit

There is no sugar added to spreadable fruit. It is sweetened only from the natural fruit juices. It is a great choice for anyone watching their sugar intake.

Fruit Butters

Fruit butters have a smooth, thick consistency.


We sell several different varieties of pure, natural, raw local honey. It is an excellent sugar substitute.


Fruit Fresh

Fruit Fresh

Prevents browning of fresh cut produce

Sure Jell

Sure Jell

Premium fruit pectin for homemade jams & jellies

Canning Lids

Canning Lids

Lids for preserving

Seal in the Freshness