Available in the Market

Apple Cider

We make our own fresh apple cider from mid-September until Thanksgiving, and we freeze it so we can enjoy it all summer.

Apple Cider Donuts

Donuts are made fresh daily. Come early for hot ones. D-licious!

Blueberry Products

Blueberry cider is made with our own blueberries and is available in pints and quarts. We also make jam, salsa, and syrup from our own blueberries.

Engraved Pumpkins

It is a fun gift to give your children, grandchildren or your pet goat

Fresh Vegetables

We buy fresh vegetables from other local farmers when they are in season


We grow many gourds in the fall and dry them out in the winter. Once they are clean, they can be painted, carved, dyed etc.

Mood's Pantry

We have a variety of jams, jellies, honeys, pickles and butters